How to Purchase the Right Communications Technology for Your Organization at the Best Price
  • How to write a communications RFP, choose technology partners, and implement communications solutions
  • Page 2: Three key questions you must ask to ensure you select the right technology for your organization
  • Page 7: An evaluation of the different communications technologies available today 
  • Page 10: Common installation hurdles and how to plan ahead to avoid them
  • Page 13: Survey results from your peers about their biggest concerns, top features, favorite brands, etc.
  • And So Much More...
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How to Purchase the Perfect Projector Technology for Your Organization at the Best Price
  • How to write a projection RFP, choose projection technology partners, and implement projection technology.
  • Page 2: What is a projector and how has this technology advanced over the last several years
  • Page 3: The price range of projectors, and finding the one that meets your organizations needs without breaking the bank
  • Page 4: Important factors to consider when purchasing a projector, including: on-network and off-network projectors, the typical lamp life of a projector, and where to install and place your projector
  • And So Much More...
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