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A Mass Notification Solution that meets code to interface with the Fire Alarm Control Panel and provides the added benefit of Sound Masking, Paging & Audio
Are your projects compliant with the latest changes to the National Fire Protection Association Code 72? 
Download our new guide "A Blueprint for Integrators: NFPA Code 72" to find out.
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Why Is A Mass Notification System So Important? 
Compliance Is Not Optional:
38 of 50 states have adopted new emergency notification codes
Increased Risks:
From terrorism and shootings to environmental accidents and extreme weather
Identify The Right Partner
n.FORM is engineered to perform at the highest levels. It is the smart, future-proof solution for your building today
Benefits of Lencore's n.FORM™ Mass Notification System
  • Reach: Coverage to 100% of the intended audience. 100% of the time.
  • Clarity:  n.FORM™ is engineered to deliver a clear, intelligible message.
  • Redundancy: Multiple methods of communication to ensure receipt as well as system fail safes for operability.
  •  Reporting: Opportunity to react in the event of a system compromise or failure as well as an evaluation tool for operation optimization.
  •  Added Value: Lencore’s n.FORM™ Mass Notification Solution provides the added benefit of Sound Masking, Paging & Audio at no additional cost
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