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When to Choose Projectors over Flat Panels
Our webinar will make a case for why purchasing projectors for display systems everywhere from the boardroom to the lobby can be the better choice in many situations. We’ll also offer advice on how to choose the right projector for different spaces.
Recorded Live on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Moderated By:
Jonathan Blackwood,

Managing Editor, TechDecisions

Guest Speaker:
Dick Tollberg CTS-D,

Senior Design Engineer,

Guest Speaker:
Steve James,

Senior Technical Sales Engineer,
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When it comes to implementing display systems in your organization, size matters. For presentations or collaboration, you’ll have different considerations than for video conferencing. 

For a wow-factor in your lobby, you’ll have to think about it differently than if you’re using displays to disseminate information to your workforce. Then there’s the space, size, and layout of the room to factor in. Projectors might just be the key to fulfilling all of your needs.
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